MomUP Ep. 11 | How to Structure Your Summer for Success


Helloooo everybody! Today's episode is a fun one. For all you mamas that are wondering what on earth you're gonna do with those hooligans all summer long -- I GOT YOU. This Episode walks you STEP BY STEP through how to plan your summer all in one go so that you can kick back and relax (at least mentally) all summer long knowing you've set yourself up for success. I cover all the bases from keeping them entertained both at home and out of the house, travel plans, work duties and even scheduling in your "fun mom stuff" too! 

This is how we plan our summer season and I PROMISE it's gonna make your life ten times easier. Listen in and let me know what you think!

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ATTENTION!! The Nine Steps Summer Guide has sadly been retired. BUT! No fear.. I have a similar freebie that might help you out. Check out my Basic Routines Starter Guide to start setting up routines that work FOR you and not against you. You're well on your way to much less stress!