MomUP Ep. 12 | How to Stop Making Meal Planning Harder Than It Has to Be


Do you sort-of-maybe-kind-of hate cooking dinner some nights? Does it sneak up on you and then you're all frazzled because you realize your chicken from last week went bad, someone ate the leftovers you thought you had and there's no way you're making that 47 step Pinterest recipe you planned? I got you, Mama. I don't like cooking. Or meal planning. Or prepping. But alas, my people have to eat.. and preferably not junk. So what's a mom to do? Tune in to episode 12 to listen to how I got fed up with meal planning and started making it work for me instead of against me. Dinner doesn't have to be the worst! Let's stop making it so hard. Enjoy the episode!

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Before you go! Struggling to find the motivation to cook?? Been there. Check out my Ultimate Motivation & Energy Cheatsheet where I go over all my basic principals for kicking your own butt into high gear!