MomUP Ep. 14 | Tips for Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean


Happy Tuesday friends! Today's episode is a fun one. Jen Gardner is back again to chat with me about how the heck she keeps her home so dang clean ;) Jen is one of the cleanest people I know and I've literally swiped her surfaces for dust before and let me tell you... you won't find any. So I decided to bring her on and pick her brain about how she keeps things clean even with a busy toddler and an Etsy shop to run. We had a lot of fun and I think you'll find some really great tips and tricks you can implement in your home as well. I know I did! Some things we covered were:

  • When Jen finds time for the nitty gritty stuff (you know.. scrubbing bathrooms and dusting baseboards)
  • Hacks to keep the grime at bay before it starts
  • How her to-do-list system keeps her on top of the cleaning
  • Our favorite go-to cleaning products

Have a listen and then let me know in the show notes what your biggest takeaways were! Here's to clean homes and clear minds!


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ATTENTION!! Want one of my BEST cleaning hacks?! Check out my Power Hour Cheatsheet to up your cleaning game (and save a ton of time!) It's my #1 cleaning tip!