MomUP Ep. 15 | How to Channel Productivity and Get Things Done


Hellooooo lovely listeners. I'm excited to share today's episode with you. In episode 15 I have compiled all of my best tips and tricks to help you channel productivity and get things done - even in a house full of kids. Productivity is a muscle you'll have to flex. It takes practice and repetition for it to become a habit. If you're someone who currently struggles to stay on task and procrastinates like it's goin' out of style.. don't fret. You can still become a productivity powerhouse. It's going to take practice and you keeping yourself accountable... but hey, YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! 

In this episode I cover:

  • How to self motivate when you're feeling tired or uninspired
  • How to keep yourself accountable and on task
  • Tips for making your to-do list more actionable
  • Why your mindset makes all the difference
  • And lots more!

I hope you enjoy this episode and that it inspires you to move forward on something you've been putting off (or at the very least save some time in your day). These are all of the things I do to keep my own butt in motion and make the best use of my time. Let me know which strategy speaks to you the most!

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