MomUP Ep. 18 | Why We Compare Ourselves to Others & How to Cut It Out Already


Ohhh I love today's topic guys. Something we all struggle with but don't address nearly enough. And that is.. COMPARISON. Ick. It's a dirty word in the world of women and one we're all familiar with. There's not a woman alive who hasn't compared herself to another woman in a way that makes her feel bad about herself. It's the sad, sad truth! And I say it's time to start kicking comparison to the curb. Because it's one thing to be INSPIRED by other women. But comparison usually leaves us feeling less than (or could be better than - still gross - but today I'm tackling the former). So today I chat with you about WHY we compare ourselves to others and some encouragement on how to cut it the heck out already. It's time to step into who you are. Because you're pretty dang awesome if you ask me!

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