MomUP Ep. 19 | How to Set Long Term Goals When You Don't Know Where You Want to Go


Today's episode is HUGE. Huuuuuge. Today we're essentially covering step 1 of life change. The first move on your mountain climb. We're talking how to set LONG TERM GOALS. And I literally want to YELL IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS because it's so important and I seriously don't want you to miss it! It hit me recently as I'm over here talking about accomplishment, action and achievement that "Oh my gosh! A lot of women haven't even set long term goals!" How can you start taking action when  you don't even know where you want to go? We need to talk about that! So that's what we're doing today. Figuring out just what you need to do to set your goals. Which.. by the way.. you ABSOLUTELY need to do. Because if you're not setting goals, you are living your life by accident. And friends don't let friends live their lives by accident. So, friend... are you ready? Let's do it. 

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