MomUP Ep. 20 | 10 Ways to Support Your Mental Health (Sharing My Postpartum Story)


Mental health is one of those topics that affects so many people and yet isn't talked about all that often. Especially postpartum mental health. So in today's episode I tell you my postpartum mental health story and give you my top 10 ways that I support my mental health practically. 

It's impossible to talk about goals and dreams and moving forward in your life without talking about mental health. Because as I mention in the episode, struggling with anxiety or depression or anything else that effects your mental health is like trying to drive a car with a blanket over your head. You cant think, you cant see and you can't get anywhere before you deal with the blanket. And so I think it's really important to tell our stories and talk about mental health as moms because it's so common and yet sometimes it's hard to detect. So I hope this episode helps you out in some way if you're someone who has struggled or even will struggle with mental health and gives you some encouragement as well as some practical tools you can apply and keep in mind for those rough seasons. 


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