MomUP Ep. 26 | Becoming a Full Time YouTuber Mom with Hayley Paige

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Friends.. I could not be more excited to share this episode with you. I’m gonna go ahead and say that this has to be my favorite interview to date. On Episode 26 I got to interview Hayley Paige Johnson, who is a fellow Charleston mom, wife and full time YOUTUBER. I know some of you will be baffled or even super confused by that idea and if that’s you, you definitely want to listen to this conversation. Hayley and her husband, Doug, were recently able to make YouTube their primary income while also pursuing some other online businesses and I had the privilege of picking her brain and asking her all about it.

We chat about how she got started with YouTube, how they make money, what it’s like to be a mom and a YouTuber and so much more. Not only was this episode fascinating and inspiring (Hayley is the epitome of a girl boss and she’s 100% killing it) but Hayley was SO easy and so fun to talk to, and I totally felt like I was talking to an old friend. If you’ve ever wondered how moms mysteriously make a full income online, Hayley does a great job of giving a real life and detailed view of what goes on behind the scenes of being a YouTuber. Plus once you hear her, I guarantee you’ll be hooked and immediately want to go check out her channel! I hope you enjoy this fun and educational episode with Hayley!