MomUP Ep. 27 | Fitness, Nutrition & Motherhood with Ashley Wiseman

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I know what you’re thinking. It’s about time! I know many of you have been wishing and waiting for an episode on fitness and nutrition and while I am no expert in that area, I had the privilege of interviewing someone who is! On this week’s episode I got to chat with Ashley Wiseman, a wife, mom of 2 and fitness professional (including both personal trainer and group fitness instructor) and picked her brain on all things food and fitness as a mom of little people.

Ashley has such a neat story and has really worked her way up to where she is today, helping so many women on their journey to healthier, happier lives. Ashley was even sweeter “in person” than she seems (which is hard to believe!), and I feel like our conversation just got better and better the longer we talked. Ashley tells about her background, how she got into fitness and started her entrepreneurial journey, what changed since she’s become a mom and her favorite workout and food tips. I know you’re gonna love this episode! Check out the links below to find Ashley online - she’s a wealth of knowledge and inspiration!