MomUP Ep. 6 | An Infertility Journey


Today's episode is one I think would benefit women in all seasons of life. In Episode 6 I welcome back Jen Gardner to talk about a very important topic: infertility. Whether you've walked this weary road yourself, or you know someone who has.. this discussion touches just about all of us. Jen is so kind to share her story with us and opens up about her journey and all the events and emotions that happen along the way. She offers encouraging advice to other women going through the trial of infertility. We also chat about what and what not to say to someone going through infertility (spoiler alert: I've totally said the wrong things!) which I find super helpful. Also we maybe get a little bit giggly and delirious towards the end... whoops. It was late?

I really hope you'll listen to this episode and help us spread the love by widening this conversation that so often gets pushed down below the surface. If you haven't walked this road but have a friend going through infertility, would you share this episode with them? Let's link arms and show support for other women who are going through this difficult journey.

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Don't forget to check out Jen's Etsy shop Fashioned by Hand. She sells beautiful hand stamped jewelry that's all customized to you. Every purchase helps Jen and her husband continue to grow their family and I know she would be so appreciative of your support!